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Romanian Business Visa   

To Whom it May Concern:
Travelers to Romania must apply personally at the Romanian Consular Section. Romanian Consular Section will grant the visa only with the prior approval of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Romanian Office for Immigration.

The documents required for BUSINESS VISA:

All visa applicants have to come personally to the Consulate with the following documents:

  Invitation from a Romanian or foreign company established in Romania to attend in business
      meetings, exhibitions, seminars related with the commercial activity. This invitation is issued
      exclusively by Romanian Office for Immigration at the request of that company.
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  Two Recent Photos – passport size – not older than 1 month and not stappled on application form.
  Passport – original and copy – valid at least 6 months beyond intended period of staying.
  Personal and represented company bank statements – original, stamped and signed by the bank -
      not older than 2 days or credit cards with the bank statement attached.
  Refundable air ticket – original and copy.
  Business correspondence with the Romanian company host on the matter of mutual business
      agreements and formal invitation from the Romanian company.
  Travel Medical Insurance – original and copy – valid for the whole period of staying.
  Voucher/hotel reservation confirmed by the Romanian side.

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It is not compulsory to present an invitation for the applicants who:

- Are in the possession of valid visa for Schengen States, USA, UK or Canada at least 3 months in advance from the date when they are asking for the issuance of the Romanian visa. The page(s) from the passport which contains this type of valid visa has to be copied and atttached in the initial file.

- Present a note-verbal issued by the Pakistani central Chambers of Commerce and Industries in attention of the Embassy of Romania duly stamped, sealed and with legal representative signature – original and copy – in which is obvious expressed the requirement for issuing the business type of visa, name of the Romanian company counterpart and the guarantee for the bonifide of the Pakistani company.

All the documents for the issuance of business visa have to be attached in a file. This type of visa can’t be extended and it’s validity is strictly accordingly with the period of travelling.

Entering in Romania, at the border, the business man has to present:

    Valid passport with genuine Romanian visa
    Invitation in original for the travellers under item 1
    Return ticket
    Evidence of possession of 50 Euro per day for the whole period of staying
    The complete address of the Romanian/Foreign company or confirmed hotel reservation

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