Welcome to Pak-Romania Business Council:

Siraj Kassam Teli
Chairman (Businessmen Group)
Leader of the Business Community
Former President ( Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Ind. ) Karachi. Pakistan.

It is indeed a pleasure for me to know that Pakistan Romania Business Council (PRBC) has been formed and inaugurated on 19th February 2011.We at Karachi Chamber appreciate the formation of PRBC and Congratulate Sohail Shamim Firpo, Chairman PRBC and hope that it will play a vital role in promoting trade between Pakistan and Romania. Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry is aiming to provide stable economy to the nation.To promote economy as well as national integrity; Karachi Chamber has clear objectives to increase the aggregate exports, more opportunities of investment; capital inflow and expansion in the national and international trade for Business & Industrial Community.

I appreciate that, Sohail Shamim Firpo, Chairman PRBC under the guidance of his father, Shamim A. Firpo, active and senior member of Businessmen Group, is working hard to increase trade and Business between Pakistan and Romania for the mutual benefit of both the nations. I would sincerely like to offer my support and felicitation to Pakistan Romania Business Council.
May Almighty Allah be with us!

Thank You!



Mr. Mihai Daraban
( Romania )

I am honoured to address to you on the occasion of the foundation of the Pakistan-Romania Business Council.I am convinced that through the concrete actions to be included on its agenda, this body will have its say in bringing the business communities of both countries closer together, as well as in developing trade links between the two states, with visible results on the level of bilateral trade. The economic forums and missions to be organized by the Council will help business people in the two countries make the most of the market niches and complementarities of the two economies. I believe the involvement of chambers of commerce in this Council is momentous, as they hold important information, and have considerable credibility with potential investors, as well as sizeable representativeness. I also believe that cooperation should not be neglected in the upgrading and modernization of certain industrial compounds in Pakistan, or in the development of new production capacities. In this context, I would like to emphasize that some of the world's largest industrial groups operate in Romania, the Romanian industry being highly competitive. On the other hand, we should not forget that Romanian specialists are still very highly regarded in the Pakistani economic environment, many industrial facilities in this country having been designed and built by Romanian companies. The energy sector, machine building, the automotive industry, agriculture, the light industry or aeronautics also provide real cooperation opportunities to companies of the two countries.
Furthermore, Romania - in its position as member of the European Union and owing to its geostrategic location - can be a gateway for Pakistani products to Western Europe.
I am confident that in the near future, the business communities of both countries will turn to good account such opportunities, including with the assistance of the Pakistan-Romania Business Council that I wish to be most successful in all its undertakings.

Thank you!



Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan
President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Ind. Karachi-Pakistan

I am pleased to learn that Pakistan-Romania Business Council (PRBC) is constituted by the Embassy of Romania and its inaugural ceremony was held on 19th February, 2011. I wish to express high regards, compliments and solidarity to the people of Romania and I also convey my heartfelt best wishes for their progress and prosperity.

Pakistan and Romania are two friendly countries maintaining trade ties since last many years. Formation of Pakistan-Romania Business Council would act as a bridge and facilitation forum for the business community of two countries. I believe that the bilateral trade and cooperation between both countries be enhance with a spirit of peace, harmony, development and success for both sides.

I on behalf of KCCI extend my felicitations to the Ambassador of Romania and Mr. Sohail Shamim Firpo, Chairman, Pakistan-Romania Business Council on constitution of this Council and assure my best support and cooperation. I am confident the Mr. Sohail Shamim Firpo, Chairman-PRBC, under the guidance of his father Mr. Shamim A Firpo, former President of KCCI, will leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired objectives of PRBC.
Thank you!



Atif Farooqi
Advisor & Chief Operating Officer PRBC (Former Economic Advisor of Romanian Ambassador)


I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations on the formation of Pakistan Romania Business Council. The Relations between Romania and Pakistan have always been cordial. The two countries although established their diplomatic relations almost more than four decades ago , but their commercial relations date back to ancient times.On this auspicious occasion, I share with you, distinguished businesspeople, the aspiration and desire to stimulate the growth of our economies, to create suitable conditions for the insertion of businesses in a global economy and in general, to promote growth in production capacity through internationalisation. Promotion of exports, is a priority for healthy and sustained economic growth that incorporates new technologies and capacity for innovation between Pakistan and Romania.

A summary analysis of Economic Indicators reveals that a lot of opportunities remain untapped between our beloved countries in terms of import and export potential. We are advancing, but not sufficiently. We are moving along at a good pace, but it is slow; and despite the goals achieved, we have yet to integrate trade among our beloved countries. This is where Pak Romania Business Council would come in to oblige us to deepen trade ties among our countries and to eliminate suppressed obstacles to intraregional trade, improving our trade integration so that we can have a region that geopolitically and economically presents a consolidated panorama to the world. I wish all success to Mr. Sohail Shamim Firpo for providing this important platform in the shape of Pakistan Romania Business Council.
Thank you!


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